Friday, 26 September 2014

Which one do I choose...?

I'm not a good reader nowadays to even finish reading a novel. But I have to read some materials as my need for something. Last night one of my friend insist me to read her favourite books and she gave me three books at once. Wow, she didn't even know that there are lots of books at my house that I didn't manage to read. Hahaa... Here are the books she gave me.

So then I really need to work on this book since she will keep asking me I guess. (Buku Weil China dah baca about 8 years ago. I plan to give to my younger sister to read it). Actually my friend gave me four books but I refused to take that fourth since I know my self really well. So, which one I'm going to choose to read first? Oh by the way there is a book that I am reading currently...

I recommend this book to you all especially Muslim. Ianya catatan kembara jiwa. Soon I will going to these Haramain...soon Insha Allah..

I choose you The Story of Anne Frank! (pokemon style)